Zebras – Did You Know!

Some amazing facts and information for kids about the lives of Zebras in Africa

Fact 1: Each Zebra has an individual patturn. Much like our fingerprints no two Zebra are identical!

Fact 2: A Zebra foal identifies its mother by sight. Thus after birth, mare and foal spend time away from the herd so that the foal can memorize his (or her) mothers stripes. The foal will stay in close proximity to the mare for upto a year!


Fact 3: Despite looking like a horse in drag, male zebra are visious. The alpha stallion will have to defend his harem from young males who are coming of age. These fights involve biting around the head and neck, wrestling and, kicking. If you see an old males face it will be pockmarked with scars. Stallions have also been known to go on the offensive against wild dogs and hyenas that they deem to be a threat.

Fact 4: The stripes are used to confuse predators. When running from a predator the zebra will zigzag. This causes their stripes to blur with the high plains grass.

Fact 5: You cannot ride a Zebra as their back will not support the weight of a human.

Fact 6: If a Zebra falls ill its mane will droop to one side. A healthy Zebra has a punk mohawk mane going on, which looks awesome.

Fact 7: The males can be distinguished from the females by thick muscular necks and lots of scars.

Fact 8: Young stallions branch off and form bachelor herds as they reach maturity.

Fact 9: A Zebra can run up to 35mph!

Fact 10: A Zebra can live for around 25 – 30 years in the wild.

Now that you know some Zebra facts you can go and impress your friends with your new found Zebra knowledge.

Enjoy these bonus Zebra pictures!
smiling zebra

Would you like to add more information about the Zebra in the Wild?


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