About Teja’s Animals

Hi I am Teja Sky


I am 8 years old and this is my first website all about my favourite African animals and how they live in the wild.

I am interested in everything about nature and wildlife. I swim, read, play tennis, run, I go on treasure hunts, climb trees, rollerblade, ride my bike, make up games, sing and dance, I draw, do jigsaws, do projects (this is a project), I like to explore and investigate things and best of all I like to play tricks on people and just have lots of fun.


I love all animals, big and small but my favourite wild animal is the Cheetah because they can run the fastest, I hope I can go to Africa sometime and see all the wildlife there, perhaps I will become a Vet when I leave school… that would be a great thing to do, helping all the sick wild animals.

I have a Cat called Holly, a Tortoise called Shelly, a Cockatiel called Perry and lots and lots of weird Tropical Fish. I live with my Mummy, Daddy and my sister Amber who is a teenager.

I just made my First Holy Communion on the 25th May 2013 and this is a picture of me with my cat HollyP5250015

Thank you for coming to my website. My next website will be all about Creepy Crawlies… I love spiders too.


4 thoughts on “About Teja’s Animals

  1. I live in Kimberley South Africa…and there is a cat’s place of safety outside the town called Felidae Center…they have lion’s and a tame cheetah called Thatu…I would be happy to give you their email and they can send you photos of the animals…I know the owners well and I know they would happily do that for you…just let me know…God bless

    • Thank you so much, I love Cheetahs they are my favourite animal, I would love to receive some photographs. Did you like my website it was my school project last year and I had to do lots of learning to make this website. Thank you Teja Sky

  2. Hi Teja, I have worked at SANCCOB seabird rehab for many years in Cape Town, maybe you will volunteer there one day? A chance to see lots of African wildlife too. Look up SANCCOB website. Christine

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